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We support cheese dairies in their mechanization projects, from the design and drafting of specifications through to industrial start-up, the resolution of on-site cheese problems and the resolution of product manufacturing defects.

We offer training courses for staff and managers, by distance learning, in the classroom or in the workshop (with numerous modules available). Support for the design of new cheeses. We carry out audits of industrial performance and cheese profitability.

Adjustment and fine-tuning of molding systems. On-site cheese performance surveys before and after investment start-up. We help design and start-up cheese ripening cellars. 

Start-up and optimization of new CIPs (in terms of water/energy and washing products) and parameterization of new washings on an existing CIP. Audit of washing equipment and resolution of sticking problems in cheese factories.

We provide training and advice to management and your teams on ROI calculations, material losses and cheese yields. We can carry out feasibility studies for investments.

We provide a plant energy balance with energy consumption ratios in kW (all energies combined)/liter and a cost in € cents/liter of milk. We study the profitability and advantages of energy recovery from milk and whey in terms of percentage gain and annual savings in €.
We draw up product and laboratory control plans, product control charts and laboratory statistical analyses with graphs.

We develop product control plans and HACCP plans, and ensure pasteurization control. We create diagrams and production schedules to optimize workshop productivity and increase production capacity.

All cheese-making technical consulting services

Terms and conditions of From-Conseils' services

To get started, please contact us using the site's contact form, specifying the subject of your inquiry. On receipt of your request, we'll get in touch with you for a brief telephone conversation about your project.
If your requirements fall within our area of expertise, we'll send you a quote by e-mail, including a price that takes into account travel costs if the work can't be carried out remotely.
Any additional costs (such as transport or accommodation) incurred in carrying out the work will be reimbursed by the customer at cost. Depending on the complexity and duration of your project, a deposit may be required (although this is not always the case).
Once we've received your approved quote, we can begin our work. The balance will be invoiced at the end of our mission. Payment will be made by you on the 15th of the month following completion of the services, by bank transfer.
Each of our assignments is strictly confidential, and we will not divulge any information, documents, data or concepts that we may come across in the course of the assignment.
Each mission is carried out strictly in French. For foreign assignments outside the French language, an interpreter will be provided by the customer, who must be able to translate the technical terms used in Fromagerie. The results of the assignment are the sole property of the customer, who may use them as he sees fit.
Our services are invoiced by the hour / on a daily basis / on a weekly basis / or to be discussed for long-term contracts.

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