Comprehensive cheese expertise at your service

From-conseils your expert cheese consultant is at your service for all technical advice to cheese dairies. With 35 years' experience in the cheese industry and industrial management of 5 production sites, I can bring my expertise to help dairy companies solve their operational problems.

As an engineer specializing in process engineering, I have managed numerous projects focusing on continuous improvement and production management, enabling me to offer you customized, innovative solutions to improve your industrial performance.

In addition, I held the position of referent cheese expert for the equipment manufacturer Chalon Megard, participating in the design and industrial start-up of numerous cheese dairies. My career path has enabled me to develop cutting-edge technical skills in the cheese-making sector, enabling me to guarantee the competitiveness of your finished products. I also have extensive expertise in washing and anti-sticking solutions for cheese molds.

My consultancy offers audit assignments to optimize cheese production management. Thanks to my expertise in change management and coaching, I can help your teams implement effective strategies to improve their profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace.

My in-depth knowledge of industrial production processes makes me a guarantor of your product quality and industrial performance. Whether you're a dairy company, an artisan cheesemaker or a large industrial group, my varied expertise can meet all your needs.

Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your objectives in terms of production management, project engineering, industrial performance or team training.

Projects support

Are you planning an investment or expansion project? We can help you define your needs, draw up specifications and manage calls for tenders. We can also help you get your plant up and running, and train your staff in its use.

Cheese Technology

We are able to solve problems linked to the production of your cheeses, in the event of drift or a drop in product quality. We also offer assistance in the creation of new products (from the laboratory testing phase through to industrial production), by drawing up the appropriate control plans.

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Industrial Performance Audit

If you want to improve the performance and profitability of your production facilities, we can carry out an on-site industrial performance audit, proposing profitable investments and calculating their return on investment.

Training Your Staff

We offer a variety of training modules to suit every situation. These range from basic cheese-making training for all staff, to more comprehensive training modules for managers and supervisors. Our training courses can be taken remotely or on-site.

Starting a Production Line

We can assist you on site with the operational launch of a new production line or plant, making adjustments and optimizing technological parameters, adjusting mechanization and training your staff in the use of production equipment.

Control/Cleaning/HACCP Plans

We offer services for improving and drafting production dashboards, including quality and performance indicators, as well as shift instruction sheets, control plans and cleaning plans. We can also support you in your HACCP process.

Washing & Bonding Audit

Do you have excessive water consumption? Do you have washing or sticking problems with your molds or production equipment? As an expert in cheese washing, I can provide you with solutions.

Scheduling & Productivity

We can help you better schedule and plan the organization of your production, to optimize the productivity and capacity of your workshops, and lower the cost price of your products and your personnel costs.

Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your objectives in terms of production management, project engineering, industrial performance or team training.


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