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Are you planning to launch and design a new production facility? Or perhaps launching a new production line? Would you like to develop a new cheese, but are faced with technological problems or a lack of knowledge on the part of your staff? Or are you trying to improve your cheese profitability or calculate a return on investment? These are all challenges and difficulties that need to be mastered, and that require the collaboration of dairy and cheese industry professionals.

Opting for the experience of an expert means taking a long-term view of your business, ensuring its long-term viability, quickly resolving problems that can be very costly, and gaining peace of mind when starting up a new project by minimizing the risk of losses and non-quality. 

An effective way of stabilizing and involving your employees is to provide them with training and empower them to take responsibility for their tasks. It's also important to meet regulatory requirements in terms of product technology, hygiene and organization. With over 35 years' experience in the cheese industry, I'm in a position to help you implement a continuous improvement approach to boost your company's competitiveness.

As Qu 'expert fromager referent expérimenté pour Chalon Megard, I have participated in the start-up and optimization of numerous production lines, both in France and abroad, for a wide variety of cheese types. My added value lies in my vast knowledge, the diversity and the number of cheese factories I've worked for.

35 years of experience at your service

With experience as an industrial technical manager for multiple production sites, I have all the skills needed to support your teams, whether in cheese-making techniques, certification and quality, product control plans and HACCP, or in improving the productivity and performance of your plants.

As Industrial Operations Manager, I am also able to support your managers in studying and improving the profitability of investments, as well as in improving the yield and performance of your cheese production.
My previous consulting experience has enabled me to develop multiple training modules that can be delivered either remotely, on site or in production workshops.

As a reference in cheese-making processes and the interface between the technical and sales teams for equipment manufacturer Chalon Mégard, I have been involved in the design of numerous mechanized cheese-making workshops. I am therefore in a position to support you in your mechanization or site extension projects.

I'm also a recognized expert in the production of blue-veined cheeses, and I'm also an expert in washing and fining problems in cheese factories.

For further information, please refer to my Curriculum Vitae


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