Industrial performance audit in cheese dairy

Because raw materials account for around  80% of the cost price of cheese, it is essential to carry out an industrial performance audit to identify material losses in a cheese factory. This not only highlights the company's overall level of performance, but also enables production processes to be optimized.
By identifying and reducing the sources of material losses, a dairy company can significantly increase its profitability and market competitiveness. Our performance audit focuses first on optimizing cheese yields, then on reducing material losses. We then explore ways of optimizing energy efficiency, productivity and personnel costs.

Breakdown of the cost price of a cheese and percentage of raw materials

In Fresh Cheese

Soft cheeses

Pressed cheeses

What is an on-site industrial performance audit ?

Our on-site industrial performance audit assesses your production facilities and identifies opportunities for improvement. Using our expertise, we analyze your processes, equipment and control systems to provide you with customized recommendations. Our aim is to optimize your performance and profits.

The audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the efficiency of your facilities, examining all aspects of your operations. It identifies strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. We'll visit your site for a collaborative audit, working closely with your team to understand your objectives, constraints and specific needs. We'll then provide you with customized recommendations to meet your unique needs.

The benefits of an industrial performance audit in cheese-making

 Carrying out an industrial performance audit on your site has several advantages for your company:
  1. Identifying opportunities for improvement: An on-site industrial performance audit identifies production areas with high potential for improvement, such as optimizing material yields and processes, improving equipment, automating operations, etc.
  2. Reduced operating costs: By improving the efficiency of production facilities, you can reduce operating expenses, including raw materials, labor, energy and maintenance.
  3. Increased productivity: Optimizing production processes increases productivity, leading to higher sales and market share.
  4. Improving product quality:  An on-site industrial performance audit helps to identify quality problems and implement corrective measures. This enables you to manufacture higher-quality products, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing your reputation in the marketplace.
  5. Maximizing profitability: By improving the performance and efficiency of production facilities, you can maximize profitability. Savings achieved through process and equipment optimization contribute directly to profits.

Audit of production yields and material losses in the cheese dairy

During our audit, we examined whether milk preparation is well adapted to recovering the maximum amount of material in the vat, without excessive losses, particularly in the case of farm-chilled and pasteurized milk. We assess whether the process around the vats limits losses of fines and fats in the cheese vats, and whether the recipe in the vat is well optimized to minimize losses in the whey.

This work consists in assessing whether the milk is well prepared, whether the process (piping and exchangers) is well calibrated and installed, and whether the manufacturing recipe is well optimized to recover the material in the manufacturing vats.

Annual energy balance and energy recovery profitability calculation

We can draw up an annual energy balance for you, with your consumption ratio in KW (all energies/liter) and your energy cost in € cents/liter.

Based on your energy costs, we can study the possible annual gains of an energy recovery system (if you are not already equipped with one). The principle of this energy recovery system saves milk heating energy by pre-cooling the serum, and vice versa, and is optimized by a hot water tank and a cold water tank running in a closed circuit.

Optimize your productivity with production diagrams

Based on your technological times,  we can draw up production diagrams for you, so that you can study all the possibilities for optimizing your production lines (so that you can make the maximum number of cheeses with the least amount of equipment).
These detailed production diagrams include the tasks to be carried out by your staff, operator by operator, and enable you to minimize your staff costs while increasing the production capacity
of your workshops.

Calculating return on investment for proposed investments

The investment proposals resulting from our performance audit are presented to you together with an ROI (return on investment) calculation. This calculation is a powerful tool for making informed investment decisions. It enables you to assess the potential benefits of an investment in relation to its costs, and to determine its long-term profitability.

Don't let your production facilities operate below their full potential. Contact us today to benefit from our on-site industrial performance audit and turn your business into a successful machine.


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